You can play this game absolutely for free on any licensed online casino. This site ( ) has tonnes of information on licensed gambling casinos. Signing up on a casinos is easy and quick.

How to sign up with a casino?

Simply fill in your name, email address, your password, and a few other important details in the required area. If you are playing online roulette for free, don't make any payments at all.

If you are lucky, you might receive a No Deposit Bonus from your casino. With this bonus in hand, you can play a few extra rounds of online Roulette. Who knows, you might win some extra cash?

  • Use a strong password while creating your account.

What is Roulette?

You play Roulette on a revolving wheel placed horizontally on a table. This wheel is divided into several numbered sections from 0 to 36. American Roulette has an extra slot for "00". There are other versions too.

The game begins by revolving the wheel and dropping a ball onto it. Players lay bets on the numbers on which the ball would fall and finally come to rest. There is a betting table in the game.

Kinds of bets and payouts

You lay Inside bets on individual numbers. These bets have very low odds but very high payouts. The maximum Inside Bet payout is 16:1. The lowest is 5:1. Continue reading this guide on free online Roulette.

Outside bets are laid on number combinations or groupings placed on the outer part of the betting table. Some examples of these Outside bets are High/ Low, Odd/ Even, Red/ Black, and so on.

  • Odds vary significantly across all the versions of Roulette.

Outside Bets have very high odds but very low payouts. For example, the lowest payout for an Outside Bet is 1:1. The highest in this case is 2:1.

If you are a newbie and haven't laid any money bets yet, we'd advise you to start with Outside Bets. The odds are high, but the payments are very low indeed. But the risk is very low.

Newbies can also try playing online Roulette on various formats like computers, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. This will help them master their game quickly. Take regular breaks to stay focused. There are other tips too.

  • Don't get addicted to online gambling.

Other tips for playing free online Roulette

Download and install your favourite Roulette game on your device so that you can play it as and when you like. You can play your game in your office, caf├ęs, and other places. More tips follow.

Check whether your free online Roulette is optimized for different operating systems and browsers. Can you play your game on the go without downloading it? Does your game save your previous sessions? Does it have a customer service?